Personal Income Tax Checklist

Personal Information
– Name, date of birth, social insurance number
– Prior year notice of assessment and tax return
– Void cheque if new bank account has to be set up
– Employment income – all T4 slips
– Investment income – all T5 slips
– Other information slips – T3, T4A, T4A(P), T4A(OAS),T4E,T4RSP,T4RIF,T5007
Deduction & Tax Credits
– Charitable donation receipts
– Child care expense receipts
– Commission & sales expenses
– Home buyers repayment
– Medical expense receipts for the family
– Moving expenses
– Registered Pension Plan contributions
– Rent receipts or property taxes paid
– RRSP official receipts, withdrawals, carryovers
– Safety deposit box costs
– Support payments paid to spouse or children
– Tuition receipts of all students from university or college
– Union and professional membership dues
Self-employment and rental property owners
– Deposit books or summary of income
– Summary of expenses incurred to earn income
Home based business
– Determine percentage of home used for the business
– Interest on mortgage, property taxes, utilities – use percentage from above
– Determine percentage of vehicle use for the business
– Gas, maintenance, mileage – use percentage from above
– Summary of expenses incurred to earn income

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